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Who are Inclusive Norwich ?

Inclusive Norwich is the new face of the campaigning and support organisation previously known as Norwich Access Group.
We are run, managed and made up of people with disabilities and their family members who live in and around Norwich. Our aim is to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of Norwich and the surrounding areas.

People with disabilities have the right to be included in the economy, politics and society as a whole. The Equality Act 2010 (UK) states that service providers and businesses must make "reasonable adjustments" for people with disabilities and must not give a lesser quality of service to a person because of or issues arising from their disability. This could include things like making step free access to premises, provision of a disabled toilet, allowing assistance dog partnerships access where pet dogs are not permitted, or providing correspondence in accessible formats, plus many more provisions.
We offer advocacy, accessibility audits and general advice to both people with disabilities and also businesses and service providers who are looking to improve their compliance with the Equality Act 2010. 

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Image is Norwich skyline featuring Norwich Cathedral and other landmarks, with blue sky beyond. Copyright Soft of Sight Photography, 2022. 

The Inclusive Norwich Logo - What is it and why ?

Our logo featured throughout this website is a white rectangle with purple text - "Inclusive Norwich".
The text is enclosed on the right by five hexagonal cells linked in an arrow format. The point of the arrow forges ahead to the right, as if in motion. 
The cells are purple backgrounds with - in clockwise order -
The hearing issue / deaf symbol (white ear with a line striking through it)
The wheelchair symbol (white outline of a wheelchair with user)
The Sunflower Logo (yellow sunflower with dark brown centre)
Neuro divergent / mental health symbol (a white outline of a head in profile with a purple brain within)
And finally the sight issue / blindness symbol (a white outline of an eye with hatched lines and a line striking through it.) 
We feel this represents a cellular and cooperative concept that we strive to achieve.

Norwich skyline, Norwich Catherdral, Copyright Soft of Sight Photography

Inclusive Norwich are delighted to be Pride Allies and are resolute supporters of the Norwich Pride Pledge.

As an Official Supporter of Norwich Pride, we pledge our business, organisation or group will be a safe, welcoming, and friendly place for LGBTQIA+ customers and staff.

We will visibly support and promote equality for LGBTQIA+ people, challenge homophobic and transphobic behaviour, and have clear reporting mechanisms for harassment and discrimination.

We will ensure our staff are trained to understand the experiences of LGBTQIA+ people and how to be a proactive ally.  

Image is - a blue sky with the words ‘We’ve signed the Norwich Pride Pledge’ in the air. Underneath is a graphic interpretation of Norwich Castle on its mound, with clouds behind it. There are people dancing next to it. On the right is the Norwich Pride rainbow lion standing in a plinth representing the lion statues outside city hall. Below this is the Pride Pledge wording and a graphic image of city hall, with people celebrating pride and waving a progress flag in front.   

Pride Pledge Poster
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