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Current Projects

What's going on ?

Currently Inclusive Norwich are working with Soundyard, a local community non profit audio and podcast studio in Norwich to advise on accessibility and access to the physical studio. We hope to begin a podcast of our own as soon as Soundyard are up and running ! 
We are meeting with Norfolk County Council around concerns regarding NCC's plan to install 44 on street electric vehicle charging units and how this may impact the safety, independence and mobility of people with disabilities. 
We're liaising with Pathmakers who improve access to the local countryside, to help make their walks and routes more accessible and inclusive of people with a range of disabilities.  

And much more ! 

To find out more please email or find us on Facebook at

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Inclusive Norwich logo


Inclusive Norwich has launched a campaign to increase the amount of time pedestrians have to cross roads at traffic lights. After hearing how short crossing times negatively impact on people with mobility issues we believe the signalled crossings in and around Norwich need more time for pedestrians to safely cross.

The campaign from Living Streets twins perfectly with ours, as it asks for less time between road traffic signal changes.

Do you know of a crossing in Norwich that you feel makes you wait too long to cross ?

If so please follow the links below to visit the Living Streets e-activist page where you can ask your local council to improve waiting times at crossings you use. This will help continue making Norwich a more friendly, accessible and inclusive place for everyone !

(Please note that this e-activist page may not display correctly for some internet users who use dark mode browser plugins or altered colour schemes. This is beyond the control of Inclusive Norwich. If you find this is the case please message us using the button at the top of the page and we will do our best to pass your crossing info on to Living Streets.)

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